• Handmade prints on pe- and baryta paper up to 120cm x 180cm
  • Digital archival pigment prints up to 160cm x 500cm
  • Film development b/w up to 50cm x 60cm negatives
  • Scanning
  • Digital retouching
  • Matting and framing
  • Restauration, archiving/filing and retouching of old and/or historical photo material
  • Reproduction digital & analog
  • Exhibition consulting and realization

Handmade prints on RC and FB paper up to 120cm x 180cm

Paper size RC paper Baryta paper
13x18cm11.00 EUR17.00 EUR
18x24cm20.00 EUR27.00 EUR
24x30cm26.00 EUR39.00 EUR
30x40cm34.00 EUR55.00 EUR
40x50cm50.00 EUR82.00 EUR
50x60cm60.00 EUR125.00 EUR
80x100cm205.00 EUR325.00 EUR
240.00 EUR400.00 EUR
For masterprints and additional printwork contact us for an individual offer.

Archival pigment prints digital from file up to 160cm x 500cm

Paper size Category I Category II
24x30cm23.00 EUR39.00 EUR
30x40cm30.00 EUR46.00 EUR
40x50cm42.00 EUR60.00 EUR
50x60cm55.00 EUR90.00 EUR
80x100cm97.00 EUR155.00 EUR
135.00 EUR180.00 EUR

Category I: Photopapier glossy & semimatt
Category II: Photorag 308g, Museum Baryt, Canvas Artist Pro

For other paper and/or printing foil contact us for an individual offer.

Film development b/w - D-76 process

Film format Price
Kleinbild 1359.00 EUR
Rollfilm 1209.00 EUR
Planfilm 4x5 inch8.00 EUR
Planfilm 13x18cm10.00 EUR
Planfilm 8x10 inch20.00 EUR
Korrektur bis 1,5 Blenden+50%
Korrektur über 1,5 Blenden+100%
All prices in Euro including VAT.

Film and Photoscan up to DIN A3

MB - RGB/24bit Scan only High quality scan
up to 30 MB16.00 EUR32.00 EUR
up to 40 MB19.00 EUR38.00 EUR
up to 50 MB25.00 EUR48.00 EUR
up to 80 MB30.00 EUR60.00 EUR
up to 100 MB36.00 EUR72.00 EUR
over 100 MB50.00 EUR95.00 EUR
Saved as TIFF in Adobe RGB.
Scan only is just the scan without any retouching, dust removal etc. High quality scans are delivered with dust removed and corrected.